Already 20 years!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to take your visit on our website as an opportunity to greet you with the most cordial welcome and highlight the 20 years of our business. On this visit, you will learn more about our company, our field of activities and our realizations.

Be sure that our team put all their efforts, engagement and commitment to ensure that our partnerships, which involve multiple business sectors, are as satisfying as they should be. For over 20 years, Machining Usitech is constantly improving its facilities and processes to better meet your needs.

Quality, remarquable lead time and personalized service are watchwords for years to come.

We hope to have you among our business partners!

Mission, Vision

Machining Usitech mission is to manufacture custom parts in small and medium series (0-1000 parts). Thanks to the breadth of our expertise, we are able to serve our clients in various sectors, whether in Quebec or abroad.
Our vision is to become a reference in the manufacturing industry in the Québec region increasing partnerships with new customers while strengthening those already established with our long-standing customers.

In addition, our team is committed to offer our customers an efficient, personalized service and superior quality. Every day, we apply ourselves to raise the standard of every piece we manufacture.

Our Values

Respect: Indispensable value to any business success, respect is put forward to each of the relations between individuals, whether with customers or employees. This promotes a healthy work environment and promote cooperation between all stakeholders of the company.

Teamwork: Our staff is the basis of the success of our company and it is through knowledge sharing between team members that we make to meet the demands of our customers. Each person the opportunity to share ideas, either with management or colleagues.

Integrity: By acting with complete integrity, we ensure ourselves at all time the trust and respect of our customers, business partners and each member of our team.

Costumer service: We ensure that our clients' needs are our first priority. To respect our engagements and ensure a high quality service is fundamental.

Excellence: Our excellence focus is a way for us to ensure that the work is well done. In our field, pieces precision makes us excellent.